House of Pain - 6 December 2018

Thu, Dec 6, 2018 7:00 PM at The Goodwood Civic Centre
House of Pain - 6 December 2018

AWA Wrestling brings the House of Pain: Royal Rumble once again to Goodwood Civic Center on December 6th. Action is set to be off the chain with many grudge matches!

AWA All Africa Heavyweight champion "The Italian Stallion" Johnny Palazzio defends his title against a muscular giant from Central Africa, the Congo King. With this being Palazzio's first title defence since becoming the All Africa Champion, The Italian Stallion is looking to cement his legacy as the headliner of the AWA roster. Meanwhile the Congo King has vowed to win the title and return back to the Democratic Republic of the Congo national hero. Which man will be victorious?

Locked in a bitter rivalry for nearly a year, The Little Hillbilly and Romeo Valentino come to blows in hard-hitting singles action. The young arrogant upstart Valentino has been a thorn in Hillbilly's side, interfering in his matches costing him wins and title opportunities. Being the current Golden Ticket holder, Little Hillbilly could have chosen to challenge one of the current AWA champions, but instead requested to have match against the self-proclaimed "Chosen One" in order to hopefully finally settle the score.

Current AWA Cruiserweight champion "Mad" Jack-Maverick has been unmatched since beginning his record setting as a 5-Time champion. But the AWA roster is ever growing and challengers continue to step up. 2 Such challengers are stepping up at the House of Pain. The Good Time Kid and Ultimo Wulf 2.0 are the 2 newest graduates from the AWA School of Hardknocks. Both young men have trained and sacrificed for this opportunity on the AWA's biggest stage. In the stipulated triple threat match, will one of the 2 young wrestlers make their mark in the AWA main roster or will the Cruiserweight Champion play spoiler and continue his dominant reign?

With other matches scheduled for the night, the biggest of the night will be the 22 man Royal Rumble. In a match where it will be survival of the fittest, the last match standing will be crowned the Royal Rumble champion. A very popular match with the House of Pain faithful, audience members can expect the most action filled and chaotic Rumble in recent memory. Taking part will AWA wrestlers such as Andro Perseus, The Oz, Ed Electric, The Freakshow, Mike Xander, Zeffy and many more!!

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