House of Pain - 20 March 2018

Tue, Mar 20, 2018 7:00 PM at The Goodwood Civic Centre
House of Pain - 20 March 2018

New venue for the AWA’s premiere event – House of Pain 2018! That’s right, we’re moving the House of Pain to the Goodwood Civic Centre!

Tuesday 20TH MARCH 2018 – It’s the first big event of the year, the House of Pain and we’ll be hosting it in a brand new venue. It’s not just the venue that’s new, there’s a squad of fresh faces to join the battle. And we’ll be battling hard on the evening, culminating in one massive 22-man Coca Cola Royal Rumble. That means 22 fighters enter the ring and only one will emerge as a winner.

There’ll be five big bouts on the evening featuring the usual athletes such as The Oz, Freakshow, Mad Jack Maverick, Andro Perseus and Hillbilly Kid. The Congo King, the Congolese heavyweight champion has his eye on the All-Africa Heavyweight title, how will Shaun Koen handle this threat?

Two more titles will be up for grabs – that means Johnny Palazzio will have to defend his Cruiserweight Belt while Wilfred McFish will have his Lightweight Title threatened. But neither of these men will face the pressure of Waldo Swiegers, the current Royal Rumble champion who will have to fend off 21 challengers.

We’ll be making a massive announcement on the night so make sure not to miss this historic event!

Reserved (R80) / Unreserved (R50)

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