Congo King joins the Collision Tour

Published: 21 August 2019
Congo King joins the Collision Tour

The AWA All Africa Heavyweight Champion, the Congo King, will be competing on the upcoming Collision Tour presented by Africa Wrestling Alliance and Top Stars Wrestling.

The 2 metre tall giant, who has great athleticism for a man of his size, has dominated the AWA roster alongside his manager Christopher Montgomery. Having taken on the likes of "The Lion of Africa" Shaun Koen, "The Italian Stallion" Johnny Palazzio, and most recently defeated young up and comer Mike Xander.

Hailing from the Democratic Republic of Congo, he has been on a mission to show the world how great Congolese wrestling is. The Collision Tour will be a great stage for him to show the rest of South Africa that Congo is Number 1!

Tickets for the first show on 18 October at Carnival City go on sale this Friday, make sure you book your tickets to see these great athletes and more to be announced!