AWA on the search for SA's next female wrestling star!

Published: 17 June 2024

The Africa Wrestling Alliance (AWA) has kicked of 2024 with a bang. Having held a successful event: Ignition that was also streamed live on YouTube and hosting a tryout session attended by more than 30 hopeful individuals.

The focus of this tryout was bringing on more woman trainees. “The AWA has prided itself on training some of the best professional wrestlers to come out of South Africa, but we now want to help extend both our promotion, but also South African professional wrestling, with a solid women’s division” said Johnny Palazzio, head trainer at AWA. “Women are better at professional wrestling than men, once they endure the training and get used to the moves, the sky is the limit for them.”

After the recent tryouts held in April, AWA had two women join their trainee ranks. Both are showing great potential and are more than holding their own with the men. AWA owner, Shaun Koen, can’t wait to see the two compete against each other on an AWA show soon, but would love to see more opponents for them join the AWA ranks.

“Many wrestling promotions worldwide have created memorable heroines that wrestling fans have to come to love or hate with a passion. There is no reason why this can’t be the case in South Africa. It’s about time we showed the world that South African women are more than capable of handling themselves with the best of the best. ” he had to add.

If you’re a woman looking to take up a new challenge or prove how tough you are, make sure to get in touch with the AWA to enquire about joining their new women’s division and training classes.

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