AWA ends the year with a bang!

Published: 03 December 2023

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The most anticipated show of the year!
The Africa Wrestling Alliance (AWA) is getting ready to end the year off with a bang! AWA
is returning with the House of Pain at the Parow Civic Centre on Tuesday 5 December
@19;30 , there will be 6 matches with the main event being the Coca Cola Royal Rumble.
Over 20 wrestlers will compete for the chance to become the Coca Cola Royal Rumble
Champion, which last year saw AWA crowd favourite, the Missing Link, win the title. This
year the AWA is proud to see the debut of their 5 most recent graduates of the School of
Hard Knocks, their training school, who will all compete in the Royal Rumble. "This year we
started out with over ten trainees, and these are the five that managed to stick it out, worked
very hard, and have shown they are ready to step into the ring. Only real men become AWA
wrestlers, and these five are proof of this." says AWA owner, Shaun Koen. "Johnny Palazzio,
and the other AWA wrestlers who have helped at the training sessions, have done a great job
working with each trainee over the last few months. I look forward to seeing what they can
do." AWA will be hosting tryouts early next year for other prospective wrestlers who wish to
join, you can follow the AWA on social media for updates on when the dates are announced.
The night will also see titles defended. One of which will see AWA youngster, The Good
Time Kid (GTK) defend his AWA Light Heavyweight Championship against Zephy (DRC).
GTK is a fireman who has had a meteoric rise in the AWA having only debuted a few years
ago, he has quickly become one of the most popular wrestlers on the roster. And having just
one his first championship, he shows no signs of slowing down. Zephy is a veteran of the
ring, and will pose a challenge to GTK who hasn't faced someone with the athleticism of
Zephy. This match promises to be a fast paced match and a match of the night contender.
Another recently crowned champion will be Mike Xander (Lansdowne). Mike is a highly
respected South African wrestler who has competed across the country and also in America.
He won his first AWA championship, the AWA All Africa Heavyweight Championship, at
the previous House of Pain event in October, defeating long reigning champion, Congo King
(DRC) after a grueling contest. Mike will be defending his championship on the night against
a soon to be announced opponent.
The event will also see the return of one of the best high flyers South Africa has ever
produced, Revyv. Revyv has been retired for the last 10 years, having experienced a knee
injury that prevented him from competing in the ring. In that time he had been acting as a
referee but had always longed to return to the ring. Thanks to careful rehabilitation, he was
able to both shock and excite fans when he got physical and performed amazing
acrobatic moves whilst officiating a match between Little Hillbilly and Werner “The Wulf”
Pretorius. Fans can look forward to an exciting and emotional moment for Revyv when he
competes against both men in a triple threat match on 5 December.
The night will also see a grudge match between AWA veteran and fan favourite, Johnny
Palazzio, and fellow AWA veteran from Johannesburg, Mr Money. Both men were friends
for a long time, but Mr Money betrayed Johnny at a House of Pain event costing them a tag
team match, and sparking a bitter rivalry between the two. At the previous House of Pain the
two competed in another tag team match, this time on opposing sides, which saw Johnny

score a quick pin fall on Mr Money. Mr Money has now called for a one on one match to
settle the score once and for all.
Make sure you don't miss the final AWA event of the year, there are some exciting things
planned for the show, so make sure you book your tickets to avoid disappointment.
Tickets can be reserved by contacting 082 456 0792.
Tickets cost: R150.00 for all Reserved Seats / R100.00 for all unreserved seats, tickets will be
available at the door
You can follow the AWA (Africa Wrestling Alliance) on social media for more news and
announcements leading up to the event.