AWA is proud to announce its newest
coca cola royal rumble champion,
the tenacious OZ - Mr Not guilty himself!

after a lengthy skirmish, the last man standing was
IN fact the young william mcqueen! long live the old king,
johnny palazzio - fallen after a four year reign.

house of pain
parow civic febRUARY 2009 - watch this space for details

Illustrious school of wrestling now opens to the public!

The AWA (Africa Wrestling Alliance) has officially opened its doors to you! We are welcoming all those that have aspired to physical greatness. Whether your darkest deepest desires have been to be moulded as a high-flying, hip-tossing wrestler, or something more conventional such as a top-performing rugby player, gymnast or bodybuilder, the AWA School delivers the knowledge gained from its 23 years of experience. Bookkeepers, librarians, meat packers or train drivers, we don’t discriminate. If you’re just a regular guy or girl, don’t hesitate to contact us so that together we can make your dreams come true at the AWA Wrestling’s TRAINING school.

AWA, TOP QUOTE! BDX Let's it all out!
"All I can say is that it takes a aspecial person with a speacial desire/passion to want to do wrestling and take the knocks all for the fans. It took me 2 years before I climbed into the squared circle. Thus far I have broken ribs, fingers, slipped disks,twisted the joint between my 3rd and 4th vertabrae and popped my knee. As I said before it takes desire and passion to get back in. That's what I did.


awa is proud to announce it's affiliation to gauteng's pro wrestling organisation
Taking their direction and drawing talent and experience from their inimitable frontman, Jacques Rouge, the SAPW boasts a formidable crew of wrestlers. Witness our first co-produced explosive event
12/13/14 September 2008 • JHB, PTA

Contact: 083 307-1750
* during office hours

Inciting the mass’s: FURY, on the World… A bi-weekly column bringing heat back to Pro-Wrestling 
PART ONE: Experience the Fury
Here I am, finally away from  the god forsaken hellhole the entire globe calls Africa. Yes its true, Nick Fury has left the continent of poverty, political instability, hijackings and genocide. Instead, I come to you from the place of your pathetic dreams, I come to you from the place that haunts our television screens and dictates your fashion, style and wannabe mentality. Nick Fury is in … dare I say it … the First World. I find myself in the south western corner of the second largest country in the world, in a city that in two years will host the winter Olympics… For those fools out there who are as geographically challenged as Blankman, let me simplify things for you : Nick Fury now resides in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada.

North America may just be a dream for you uncivilized cretin’s in sub-Saharan Africa, but for me its just another schlep that comes with the territory of being a class A global citizen. To be honest Canada isn’t all its cracked up to be; I have travelled the world and without a doubt this is the most ‘anal retentive’ country on the face of the planet. Where else do pedestrians wait at a red light before crossing the road when is no car in sight? I’m serious the anal reality of Vancouver is so ridiculous its scary. When arriving at Vancouver airport I was welcomed by a force of no-nonsense customs officers wearing heavy duty flack jackets and armed to the teeth, for some reason I looked suspicious… so Nick Fury was pulled aside and searched. Lo and behold they found trace’s of cocaine on my person, Nick Fury was handcuffed, read his rights and put in a guarded room while all my bags were searched, my computer was analyzed and I was questioned for a little over two hours. Luckily  Nick Fury had those nutcase’s eating out of his hand, talking me out of the situation and sending me on my merry way. Canadian law enforcement soon realized what their South African counterparts have known for years, you simply cant get the better of  the Fury. Enough about my thoughts on Canadian pigs, my computer is probably flagged by this overprotective state and all I say and do is being filter through some sort of dark over-funded “intelligence” agency. 

Nick Fury has found a temporary home at  Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling, ECCW, a place to hone my skills and learn my sport in a country that gave us Bret Hart,  Jericho, Edge and Benoit.  I have had the fortune of attending three of their events around Vancouver, although the style is unbelievably different from what I am used to the wrestling is truly impressive. From the first match I saw here I knew to make an impact I would have to go out of my comfort zone and force myself to engage in mat wrestling, grappling, holds and counter holds. Their grounding in these aspects of pro wrestling are way superior to mine with the majority coming from amateur wrestling backgrounds, while I come from a more drunken beer hall brawl background. To get myself up to speed I joined ECCW’s Slam Academy run by a 6 time NWA Canadian Junior Heavyweight champion Disco Fury, so far its been quite the experience, hard physical training is what the Fury is used to, but the stamina and cardio work is (as anyone who has met me will testify) not up my street. I enjoy my  strong beer,  fast woman, late nights on the town and fatty foods… all of which is being cut down while training under Disco Fury.  Lessening my extra curricular activities in the beer capital of the western hemisphere is no mean feat, especially as I strategically rented digs within a stones throw of the local pub. But learning new in ring skills, warm-ups, tips on psychology and an ever broadening move set is well worth the sacrifice. Of course you cant ever really tame Nick Fury down, I am who and what I choose to be and if you don’t like it, be you South African or Canadian, I’ll be more than happy to take you outside and school you the only way I know how…through Nick Fury’s unrelenting, unreasonable and unprejudiced special home brewed brand of unadulterated brutality.

ECCW - http://www.eccw.com/

This month AWA takes a step back into history and revisits the international legends that have come and gone from these shores. Don’t know who some of them are? That’s okay because neither did we, but with veterans like Shaun Koen in the AWA ranks to remember them for us via almost-forgotten battle tales we had no problem putting together a list over 30 strong. These include the following:

bill • Akam Sing bill • Indio Guarjardo
bill • Bad News Brown bill • Iron Shiek
bill • Big Mike Zuma bill • John Powers
bill • Bill Hawking - Dave Sullivan bill • Johnny Smith
bill • Blacky Boston bill • Johnny South
bill • British Bulldog bill • Keith Hart
bill • Carl Wallace bill • Lance Von Erich
bill • Colonel Brody bill • Leather Face - Rick Patterson
bill • Dave Morgan bill • Mat Bourn
bill • Dave Taylor bill • Mike Shaw
bill • Double Trouble bill • Mongolian Mauler
bill • Drew Mc Donald bill • Steve Cassey
bill • Dusty Wolf bill • Terry Funk
bill • Franz Rooks bill • The Strongbo brothers
bill • Franz Schulman bill • Tiger Sing
bill • Gama Sing bill • Ulf Nadrowski
bill • Gary Albright bill The Undertaker
bill • Giant Warrior bill • William Regal
bill • Hulk Hogan    

Think you can remember a few more? Drop us a line at info@awfwrestle.com to help us immortalise the greats

Wrestle legends collide at the Parow Civic Centre
Date: 30th April 2008
The Africa Wrestling Alliance is proud to present the first ever
4x4 Fury Match for the “All Africa Heavy-Weight Title”.
- Proudly sponsored by 911 Energy Drinks.

Defending his long reign as champion is Shaun Koen, better known by followers of the sport as the “Lion of Africa”. He will be defending his title in a four-way elimination bout. Facing him is the beast better known as “BDX-Treme” from Table View, the Rose of Khayelitsha aka the “African Warrior” and filling out the ranks is the inimitable masked terror appropriately dubbed the “Missing Link”.
That’s right fans, four wrestlers enter the ring, but only one emerges victorious. Pinned athletes are removed via stretcher if necessary. That means no teaming up in this all out brawl as each man battles for their own survival in true elimination fashion! Who will emerge as the most ferocious combatant of the lot?

Champion vs champion, witness an awesome display of power in our main supporting bout
The AWA’s current SA Cruiserweight champion, Johnny Palazzio takes on the Coca Cola Royal Rumble reigning champ William McQueen in a non-title fight that promises to be a high-flying spectacle of epic proportions. Die hard wrestling enthusiasts be sure not to miss this one! Expect a no-holds barred encounter as McQueen just so happens to be a contender for Johnny’s cruiserweight belt.
It’s ‘More, Bigger and Better’ as the best of the AWA clan come out to play
The Africa Wrestling Alliance continues to grow, this time debuting the enigmatic Warlock. Originally hailing from Kraaifontein and boasting an artillery of dirty moves and tricks, expect him to face an equally sneaky Mitchells Plain resident by the name of Vinnie Vegas. Table View’s high-flyer El Matador faces the airborne antics of Belhar’s Blank Man. Other combatants include The Oz and Nick Fury, both reputable masters of the ring alongside a host of new talent. Don’t miss out on the carnage.


AWA Proudly sponsored by towbar








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